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About the Mansion~

About the Mansion:

I figured i`d explain a little about the mansion, and where the staff and stars of the industry will be living.

So, the mansion is pretty much the same as the famed "PLAYBOY" mansion. Old, expensive and HUGE. No money has been spared on decking this place out with every luxury imaginable.

Tour of the Mansion:

There will be several sections to the mansion. The stars will live together in one section, staff in another.


Each pornstar will have his own luxurious bedroom complete with en-suite and spa.

Staff will get slightly less luxury[Because we wouldn`t want to upset the prissy actors now, would we? XD;]

Feel free to choose a bedroom for your muse, just make it fit. Ie: A cameraman won`t have a huge four-post bed with ensuite and spa. :D


The mansion has the following facilities[this isn`t a full list, there is plenty more that we`ll add later];

☆Spa and Onsen.
☆Large indoor heated swimming pool and slightly smaller outdoor pool.
☆Game Arcade.
☆Bar and Night club.
☆IT suite.
☆Large dining hall and kitchen.
☆Fully decked out Gym.
☆ Tennis and Basketball courts.
☆Bouncy castle and trampoline room.
☆Movie theatre.

The Kinky stuff[for filming in, and "recreation"]:

☆S&M chamber and Dungeon.
☆School classrooms.
☆Storage cupboards.
☆Variety of different types of bedroom.

There is also a large costume department, gotta get the stars into character!

This entry will be updated when more ideas hit us. :D Any questions, please leave a comment!
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