Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi (yolandapi) wrote in pureiboisu,
Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi

With a raised eyebrow, Yamashita Tomohisa lounged casually on one of the many desks in the mansions 'classroom'. Munching idly on his apple, he watched the crew set up uninterestedly. They'd thrown him a schoolboy's outfit about as soon as he'd shown up. Speaking of which, he wasn't quite sure what he was doing here. He'd been sleeping quite happily in his room when someone knocked on his door. He'd opened it to see a cameraman who asked his name before dragging him here. Yamapi had been hard-pressed to just tell the guy to fuck off, but stopped when he realized that it'd probably get him in trouble... again.

Looking around lazily, the dark-haired boy pulled the desk behind him closer before laying back on it. From what he could see, no other actor was there. Fiddling with his dark red tie, he wondered if it was just going to be him masturbating. Though, that usually had another person around too. Rubbing his nose, the young man closed his eyes and sighed.

"It's... early..." he muttered to himself, he should've at least had the brain to ask someone what exactly he was supposed to be doing.
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