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Ah : D

Toshiya walked down the hallway of rooms curiously, finding one of the doors open. He assumed it was unoccupied and walked inside setting his suitecase next to the bed.

I wonder if there is anything fun to do around here...

He smiled and grabbed a robe from a hook next to the bedroom door. Tossing it on his bed, the slender man made his way to the window and peered out, noticing an onsesn from where the window overlooked. Now that looks like fun...
The man smirked, an onsen was a very sensual way to pass the time. He wondered if there was going to be anyone there, not that he minded. This mansion was rather luxurious...and Totchi liked it, he was used to only the best, like a spoiled child. He was new to this business though, he made himself out to be so experienced, even if he really was a virgin.

Toshiya removed his clothes slowly and slipped into the robe, the silky material felt wonderful against his skin. He hugged himself and made his way downstairs and ouside the mansion to the onsen he had spotted from his room. The man looked up at the sky, it was darkening quickly as he had arrived to the mansion leter than most of them. A perfect time to relax, under a night sky at a new place as big and beautiful as this....it almost turns me on. He chuckled at the thought and stopped at the pool of steaming water. Sliding the robe off of him he dipped a toe in, the outside air making him shiver some. The slender man finally managed to sit down and lean back against a large warm rock. "ahh~" he cooed, getting comfy. He closed his eyes and let his hands slid down his chest into he water, very sensual indeed...Toshiya mused as a hand brushed over his length, sending him into shivers...
"I wonder if anyone comes out at night around here..." He said to himself and opened his eyes, looking around...
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