Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi (yolandapi) wrote in pureiboisu,
Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi

Friends Builder~ :D

Ok~ I'm gonna take this time to anal and stuff and make it easy for everyone to follow the rules and keep their friend's lists up-to-date. :D And thus, I bring you the:

Friends Adder
Go here while logged into your muses account and paste the following:

Friend add kitten_masaki
Friend add mastermatsu
Friend add the_peener
Friend add cookietadayoshi
Friend add yolandapi
Friend add candy_tatsuya
Friend add dir_camui
Friend add hydegasm
Friend add himexchan
Friend add cherrypop_hime
Friend add xamai_akix
Friend add mt_fujiwara
Friend add live_action

Friend add nosekerchief6
Friend add xxkrcube_slutxx
Friend add k_kamenashi
Friend add dizzyboi
Friend add wonderhips

... and hit 'execute' and voila~! You're done. :D
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