Tatsuya "Mt." Fujiwara (mt_fujiwara) wrote in pureiboisu,
Tatsuya "Mt." Fujiwara

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It would appear to be the beginner's curse to get lost upon appearances-- and Fujiwara Tatsuya was no exception from that seeming rule.

Though usually he managed to have a fairly decent sense of direction, things were a bit off this time it seemed as he couldn't really tell one room from the next. The place was so big, how was he expected to find his way alone? And so fancy too...

Briefly he wondered exactly what he'd gotten himself into, despite vague guesses that had decided to plague his mind... He could be here for butler work, couldn't he? Maybe... Well, whatever it was, he was more than likely going to end up doing it. Besides... he didn't have to pay rent this way.
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