Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi (yolandapi) wrote in pureiboisu,
Yamashita "Yolanda" Pi

Yamashita walked through the halls the mansion absently. In one hand he had a book, it was quite boring and he’d been on the same word for at least a couple of minutes. He wasn’t really interested in it but he did have a test coming up so studying would be important. That and it gave him a reason to ignore people when they told him to do something. What could he say, he was feeling lazy.

And in the other hand was a cucumber. Because Yamashita liked cucumbers. That is to say, he generally liked eating. Food sex was one of his specialties after all. He should’ve been studying to be a cook, not some boring crap that would make him lots of money. Why he went to school when he was a porn star was beyond him. But at least it gave him another use for the library.

“And in 1954, another revolution took place that not many people took notice of…” he mumbled, tapping the cucumber on his head.
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