Ohkura "Cookie" Tadayoshi (cookietadayoshi) wrote in pureiboisu,
Ohkura "Cookie" Tadayoshi

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After retreating back into his own luxurious bedroom, Ohkura took a nice long dip in the tub. There was no door leading to the bathroom, just glass panes to replace walls. He can see out, people can see in.

He sunk into the bubbles that filled his marble bathtub. Ahh... it felt good.

Ohkura closed his eyes and recalled the event that took place earlier, how he had given a newcomer his 'first lesson'. Ohkura smiled remembering every inch of his body, the tone of his voice...

His taste.

Even remembering it aroused him. Sad that the new kid didn't do anything to him. The whole time Ohkura still had his clothes on.

His room door clicked open. He opened one eye and tilted his head a bit to the direction of the door, just to see who it was, not really bothering to get out of the comforts of his tub and hot bubble bath.
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