dir_camui (dir_camui) wrote in pureiboisu,

It wasn't exactly meal time, so it wasn't the most common thing for anyone to be in the kitchens. Gackt, however, had decided that waiting until a decent hour to invade the kitchen could wait. He wasn't there for food, really, but all of the drinks were kept in the kitchen.

So why not? It wasn't as though there were any rules about not going in there anyway. And even if there were, Gackt had an itching feeling that he didn't need to mind them. He strolled into the kitchen and over to the fridge, grabbing a few different drinks to see what he could mix together. If he could get anything good out of it.

He sighed and put a few things down on the counter, running a hand through his already slightly-ruffled hair and stared at the counter's new contents. Nothing really seemed very quenching that he'd pulled out... and he wondered briefly if that bottle of Vodka he'd seen someone shove in the back of the fridge was still there before he turned back to the large appliance to see if he could find anything else.
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