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Dropping [Sunday

I neglect this muse too much, so I'm out. Ciao~

Dropping [Saturday

I'm dropping from here seems like this place is dead. gomen ne. ....


[ mood | bored ]

Aki was bored. That didn't usually happen very often, because he usually had things to do. But lately, he'd been... slightly lazy and had been practically doing nothing. Deciding to force himself to get out of his room for once, Aki wandered down the hallways to nowhere in particular. He was slightly new, and never really good with huge places such as this, so he just walked. Anywhere- nowhere in particular, hoping he'd bump into someone who was willing to entertain him.



With a raised eyebrow, Yamashita Tomohisa lounged casually on one of the many desks in the mansions 'classroom'. Munching idly on his apple, he watched the crew set up uninterestedly. They'd thrown him a schoolboy's outfit about as soon as he'd shown up. Speaking of which, he wasn't quite sure what he was doing here. He'd been sleeping quite happily in his room when someone knocked on his door. He'd opened it to see a cameraman who asked his name before dragging him here. Yamapi had been hard-pressed to just tell the guy to fuck off, but stopped when he realized that it'd probably get him in trouble... again.

Looking around lazily, the dark-haired boy pulled the desk behind him closer before laying back on it. From what he could see, no other actor was there. Fiddling with his dark red tie, he wondered if it was just going to be him masturbating. Though, that usually had another person around too. Rubbing his nose, the young man closed his eyes and sighed.

"It's... early..." he muttered to himself, he should've at least had the brain to ask someone what exactly he was supposed to be doing.
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Moving Day. :D. [Thursday


He kicked the limo driver in the shin and stomped up to the mansion, lugging his shit through the doorway and grumbling about the rude service. How dare that limo driver play Ashlee Simpson songs during the ride there.

Once Nino closed the door, he looked around the spacious mansion.

30 |CMNT

...:D? [Monday

-strolls into the entrance hall and drops his bags, sitting down on the largest of his bags,finally opens the letter containing his job description-

Dear Kame.

Currently we have need of a fluffer. Your duties will mainly consist of keeping our "actors" in "peak condition" during breaks in filming, through any means... Either decided between you, the actor or the director.

Glad to have you on board. Look forward to your first day.


-crumples the letter and starts chewing nervously on the corner of the envelope-

Well... At least the money is good.
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Ah : D [Sunday

[ mood | curious ]

Toshiya walked down the hallway of rooms curiously, finding one of the doors open. He assumed it was unoccupied and walked inside setting his suitecase next to the bed.

I wonder if there is anything fun to do around here...

He smiled and grabbed a robe from a hook next to the bedroom door. Tossing it on his bed, the slender man made his way to the window and peered out, noticing an onsesn from where the window overlooked. Now that looks like fun...
The man smirked, an onsen was a very sensual way to pass the time. He wondered if there was going to be anyone there, not that he minded. This mansion was rather luxurious...and Totchi liked it, he was used to only the best, like a spoiled child. He was new to this business though, he made himself out to be so experienced, even if he really was a virgin.

Toshiya removed his clothes slowly and slipped into the robe, the silky material felt wonderful against his skin. He hugged himself and made his way downstairs and ouside the mansion to the onsen he had spotted from his room. The man looked up at the sky, it was darkening quickly as he had arrived to the mansion leter than most of them. A perfect time to relax, under a night sky at a new place as big and beautiful as this....it almost turns me on. He chuckled at the thought and stopped at the pool of steaming water. Sliding the robe off of him he dipped a toe in, the outside air making him shiver some. The slender man finally managed to sit down and lean back against a large warm rock. "ahh~" he cooed, getting comfy. He closed his eyes and let his hands slid down his chest into he water, very sensual indeed...Toshiya mused as a hand brushed over his length, sending him into shivers...
"I wonder if anyone comes out at night around here..." He said to himself and opened his eyes, looking around...

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[ mood | sleepy ]

He sat in his room, on the huge bed, looking around him, idly.

Damnit, when is someone gonna come?

Falling back on the bed, he stared up at it, unseeing. A little later, his eyes fell closed and his mouth parted slightly, releasing soft, even breaths of sleep.

10 |CMNT


Reita stayed in his room for about two days after his arrival to the mansion, not very eager to go out and mingle. Before the move he'd been on vacation and jetlag was a bitch to deal with. Finally recovered and no longer sleepy, the 'noseless' blonde meandered out into daylight, deciding that what he needed was a nice snack to regain his composure. And so off he went, to the kitchen, and began pillaging the snack cupboard for something to munch on, hoping to wake himself up.


Yamashita walked through the halls the mansion absently. In one hand he had a book, it was quite boring and he’d been on the same word for at least a couple of minutes. He wasn’t really interested in it but he did have a test coming up so studying would be important. That and it gave him a reason to ignore people when they told him to do something. What could he say, he was feeling lazy.

And in the other hand was a cucumber. Because Yamashita liked cucumbers. That is to say, he generally liked eating. Food sex was one of his specialties after all. He should’ve been studying to be a cook, not some boring crap that would make him lots of money. Why he went to school when he was a porn star was beyond him. But at least it gave him another use for the library.

“And in 1954, another revolution took place that not many people took notice of…” he mumbled, tapping the cucumber on his head.
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[ mood | cold ]

After leaving Aiba, Shun walked through many doors before remembering that he was supposed to be lost.

'Shit!' He swore loudly, and dumped his equipment on the floor, looking around him. He ran a hand back through his hair.

Damnn it. DD: This place is like a warren.

10 |CMNT


Uruha sat his suitcases down as the doors of the mansion opened. He took a few steps in, letting the heels of his boots meet the hardwood floor.

"Konnichiwa, minna! Come greet your sexy diva, Cherry Pop!" he yelled in a dramatic introduction with his arms wide open for his adoring fans.

He opened his eyes and looked around, letting his arms drop in disappointment. "What the fuck! Where are my fans?" he asked a bit angered.

The blonde walked in a bit further and glanced at the elegant looking mansion, feeling a bit pleased with himself. "This is nice," he nodded, "Perfect for a diva like myself."

He looked back at his neglected baggage, went back, and picked them up. Carefully climbing each step, he immediately found a room that he said suited him the most.

It was maroon and gold themed with a crystal chandelier hanging above the queen sized bed. On the left side was a vanity and the right was the bathroom.

Uruha put his bags down, closed the door behind him, and smirked to himself. "Time to get comfortable, my darling Cherry," he said to himself as he undressed. He walked around the room until every article of clothing came off and also closed the curtains along the way. He went into the bathroom and picked up maroon robe with gold trim, then covered his flawess, slightly tanned body with it.

"That's much better," he smiled and fell back on the bed.

Friends Builder~ :D [Friday

Ok~ I'm gonna take this time to anal and stuff and make it easy for everyone to follow the rules and keep their friend's lists up-to-date. :D And thus, I bring you the: Friends BuilderCollapse )
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[ mood | content ]

After retreating back into his own luxurious bedroom, Ohkura took a nice long dip in the tub. There was no door leading to the bathroom, just glass panes to replace walls. He can see out, people can see in.

He sunk into the bubbles that filled his marble bathtub. Ahh... it felt good.

Ohkura closed his eyes and recalled the event that took place earlier, how he had given a newcomer his 'first lesson'. Ohkura smiled remembering every inch of his body, the tone of his voice...

His taste.

Even remembering it aroused him. Sad that the new kid didn't do anything to him. The whole time Ohkura still had his clothes on.

His room door clicked open. He opened one eye and tilted his head a bit to the direction of the door, just to see who it was, not really bothering to get out of the comforts of his tub and hot bubble bath.

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[ mood | calm ]

Shun wandered around the corridors of the mansion, equipment in hand and tripod balanced over one shoulder.

Where the shiz am I?

The Director had called for him and like a good underling, he obeyed as quickly as he could. But like most large houses with more than twenty room and corridors like whoa, he had gotten himself lost, damnit.

Should've just made a trail of breadcrumbs, he thought to himself, darkly.

13 |CMNT


It wasn't exactly meal time, so it wasn't the most common thing for anyone to be in the kitchens. Gackt, however, had decided that waiting until a decent hour to invade the kitchen could wait. He wasn't there for food, really, but all of the drinks were kept in the kitchen.

So why not? It wasn't as though there were any rules about not going in there anyway. And even if there were, Gackt had an itching feeling that he didn't need to mind them. He strolled into the kitchen and over to the fridge, grabbing a few different drinks to see what he could mix together. If he could get anything good out of it.

He sighed and put a few things down on the counter, running a hand through his already slightly-ruffled hair and stared at the counter's new contents. Nothing really seemed very quenching that he'd pulled out... and he wondered briefly if that bottle of Vodka he'd seen someone shove in the back of the fridge was still there before he turned back to the large appliance to see if he could find anything else.
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[ mood | lost ]

It would appear to be the beginner's curse to get lost upon appearances-- and Fujiwara Tatsuya was no exception from that seeming rule.

Though usually he managed to have a fairly decent sense of direction, things were a bit off this time it seemed as he couldn't really tell one room from the next. The place was so big, how was he expected to find his way alone? And so fancy too...

Briefly he wondered exactly what he'd gotten himself into, despite vague guesses that had decided to plague his mind... He could be here for butler work, couldn't he? Maybe... Well, whatever it was, he was more than likely going to end up doing it. Besides... he didn't have to pay rent this way.

18 |CMNT

Here comes Ueda. [Tuesday

He was cold and lonely. Approaching the giant mansion, Ueda Tatsuya whispered to himself, "So, this...this is it." Ueda had been expelled from school for unmentioned reasons and his parents kicked him out for shaming the family, he had no other choice.

He walked up to the big wooden doors, his heart was beating fast, what if no one liked him? He set down his luggage, took a big gulp, and knocked on the door.

He heard nothing.

"Is no one going to come?"

"...am I really not loved?"

He heard someone approach behind him.
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About the Mansion~ [Tuesday

[ mood | creative ]

About the Mansion:

I figured i`d explain a little about the mansion, and where the staff and stars of the industry will be living.

In here~Collapse )



[ mood | accomplished ]


I am Lina, or Ohkura "Cookie" Tadayoshi-mun. One of the maintainers. and I finally got the layout done. 8D

yes this is pointless XD

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